A Long History of Revolutionizing Customer Loyalty and Business Results

We're always seeking out new and innovative ways to make sure our clients have the best tools to achieve extraordinary results. Our organization was founded in 1990 to provide customer service training, management, and measurement tools to small and medium sized businesses.

Today, we are headquartered in California in the United States and have a world-wide presence. We have built a dedicated team environment for our employees and have been recognized as one of the best national organizations to work with in the United States. Through our affiliated companies; ServiceQuality.US in the United States, ServiceQuality.CN in the People's Republic of China, and The Service Quality Department in the rest of the world, that reputation is growing every day.

Along with the hundreds of thousands of mystery shoppers, in over 100 countries, ServiceQuality.co.UK has developed into a diverse international organization to serve their clients.

While we focus our efforts to small and medium-sized organizations, many Fortune 500® companies also rely on ServiceQuality.co.UK to assist them in their success as well.