High Definition Mystery Shopping?

If you’re all about clear, focused, on-target information you can use immediately, you’re ready for HIGH DEFINITION MYSTERY SHOPPING. You’ve come to the right place, because it’s only available from ServiceQuality.co.UK.

Above Average Shoppers

With MS-HD, we take the mystery out of mystery shopping. Our shoppers are highly trained and well educated. Over 66% of shoppers who apply with us fail the initial examination and are rejected. Over 45% of our shoppers have attended college, and 10% have graduate level degrees.

This means our shoppers mirror your customers. You’ll have the solid information you need to manage customer loyalty. Not worry about the competency of the individuals performing the observations.

MS-HD gives you Service Evaluation Reports rich in comments, giving you the clearest picture of what’s really happening.

Each report is reviewed by our highly trained and seasoned team to ensure not only all the details are there, but that the service evaluation comes to life.

Why Mystery Shop?
When you want to
audit and evaluate your service from a customer's perspective, a mystery shopping program may be right for you.

A Mystery Shopping program will not tell you what your customer’s think about your service. It will tell you if your training is effective, and make sure that your brand experience is protected.

We will work with you to develop a highly detailed shopping program that allows you to measure areas that matter the most to your customers.

Our shoppers then go out to your locations and make sure all topics covered in the mystery shop are reviewed and documented. We go the extra mile to make additional observations and comments that will help you improve the service levels as a result of your mystery shopping program.